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A modern Nordic beer bar (or gastropub as we like to call it) located in Copenhagen Airport. The concept relies upon clean and pure lines as well as Scandinavian materials and colors - elements that mirrors Copenhagen and create an authentic Nordic atmosphere.

An important part of the task was to introduce Jacobsen’s wide range of specialty beers in an environment that fits both the Jacobsen brand and the new landside expansion of the airport. With this in mind, we aimed to create a welcoming area that could bring out the homelike coziness known by all Danes, in the middle of a vibrant and busy area.

Bar Jacobsen CPH invites various types of guests and make room for different types of demands. This is evident from the floor plan, where a lounge, fast, and business area is presented. And as beer is the main focus of Bar Jacobsen CPH, we have placed a 300L copper beer tank inside the bar, in order to litterally bring a piece of the brewery to the airport and its visitors.




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