Wonderland Magazine

Wonderland Magazine was the project where it all began for us. Founding partners of Wonderland, Simon and Sophie met while studying and decided to work together combining their shared passions; art and magazines.

Wonderland Magazine became more than just a magazine. It was an art project that showcased work by artists from all over the world, and part of the concept was based on contributions and selected artists who were invited to make the front cover exactly as they wanted. No rules, no logo, no selling headlines - just the artwork to speak for itself.

Wonderland Magazine was published in the years 2005-2011 and became the steppingstone for all the future adventures in Wonderland, from the gallery WAS to the creative agency. The magazine also received several design and magazine awards.   























“Wonderland Magazine is not free because we’re cheap, but because we love you!”
(An idealistic catch phrase we used to think was pretty cool back in the day)




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